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woman doing yoga


Living Longer, Stronger and Loving Everyday.

This mellow slow moving practice in small groups will be an effective yoga workout for you.

In  this class we will  all be on the same level and you will definitely feel comfortable. 

The course is for beginners; it’s simple with multiple variations of sequence poses that are safe and easy to follow. The base is Hatha Yoga style which  is considered a gentle form of yoga, and Is perfect for beginners and older adults who are looking for an effective way to enhance  their physical health and overall wellness. 

Yoga cultivates a mind-body connection combining stretching and strengthening poses  with breathing relaxation. 

It’s never too late and you are never too  old to reap the rewards of YOGA:

– Better balance: improve your core stability

– Improve flexibility: increase your range of motion

– Enhance breathing : expand your lung capacity

– Strong bones: improve bone density

– Reduce anxiety, stress and help overall quality of sleep

– Reconnect body, mind and Love  yourself

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