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Manual Therapy

Massage Therapy

Manual Therapy is our hands-on approach to treating acute to chronic physical disorders. At Longville Wellness our therapists are very knowledgeable, well-trained, and understand the value of integrative treatment. We specialize in Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Therapy, Prenatal Therapy, Ashiatsu Therapy, Cupping Therapy, and Bamboo Therapy

  • Trigger Point Therapy: This form of therapy involves compression on painful areas of the body. A trigger point or “ muscle knot” is a noticeable area on the body that refers pain.  Some discomfort is to be expected with this form of manual therapy, as trigger points can be sensitive. However, the long-term benefits of pain relief and an improved range of motion are significant. 
    • Useful Applications: tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, brachial plexus impingement, tmj, sciatica, sports injuries, neck pain, and low back pain. 


  • Myofascial Release: This form of therapy involves light to medium pressure on painful areas of the body, paired with light stretching. “Myo” means muscle, and “fascial” comes from fascia, which is the thin white connective tissue that covers all muscle. 
      • Useful Applications: muscle strain, frozen shoulder, arthritis, “dropped foot” syndrome, carpal tunnel, and back strain.


  • Deep Tissue Therapy: This form of therapy involves heavy to deep compressions on painful areas of the body.This therapy is not recommended for patients that are: receiving manual therapy for the first time, pregnant, actively going through chemo or radiation, history of blood clots, or have acute injury (wait for full healing).
    • Useful Applications: scar tissue build-up, arthritis, sports injury rehab, insomnia, sciatica, fibromyalgia, digestive issues, and back pain. 


  • Prenatal Therapy: This form of therapy is applied only after the first trimester for women experiencing discomfort associated with hormonal and physical changes of pregnancy. 
    • Useful Applications: stress, anxiety, varicose veins, edema, and muscle tension. Please consult your physician/doula/midwife before requesting prenatal therapy.


  •   Ashiatsu Therapy: This form of therapy involves medium to deep pressure primarily on the back, hips, and shoulders. This is a Japanese form of massage and the therapist applies pressure using their feet.
    • Useful Applications: improper posture, back pain, stress, poor circulation, insomnia, fibromyalgia, M.S., and stroke rehab. 


  • Bamboo Therapy: This form of therapy involves medium to heavy pressure using a heated bamboo stick. Bamboo therapy is most times combined with deep tissue massage and acupressure to break up scar tissue, release fascia, and improve circulation.
    • Useful Applications: cellulite, arthritis, sports injuries, insomnia, migraines, breathing issues, scar tissue build-up, stroke rehab. 


  •  Cupping Therapy: This form of therapy involves the use of glass or silicone cups to bring about relief from pain and improve blood flow. Use can be either stationary or with movement over painful areas of the body. Cupping differs from the other forms of manual therapy we offer. The other listed modalities primarily use compression to relieve pain, while Cupping Therapy uses decompression.
    • Useful Applications: scar tissue build-up, muscle soreness, pain, cellulite, hangover relief, sciatica, excessive hiccups, frozen shoulder, neck pain, stroke rehab, lymphatic drainage,
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