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Organic Facials

three women enjoying a facial treatment

Signature Facial

Revitalize your skin with a deep cleansing facial. First, your skin will be evaluated to determine its unique needs. Next, it will be exfoliated with a fruit-based enzyme and while you relax with a Décolleté massage, you’ll finish up with a customized mask.

Acne Treatment

Deep cleansing facial, designed for acne-prone skin or other skin conditions. Begins with aromatherapy compresses, Enzyme herbal solution applied with steaming for opening and softening the pores. Customized mask to draw out impurities and calm inflammation of the skin. Blemishes and blackheads are reduced. Includes décolleté and hand massage.

Microneedling with Vitamin Infusion

Microneedling is a collagen induction therapy, reduces fine lines, acne scarring, and tightens pores. Treatment includes Hyaluronic Acid to stimulate skin tissue regeneration. Down time on this treatment is 48 hours, your skin may be a little red, it all depends on your skin sensitivity. After just one treatment, you’ll feel and look radiant again.


This treatment uses radio frequency and magnetic pulses to help tighten the skin. RF helps with collagen and elastin production after a first treatment you will be delighted most by the instant effect it has on your skin. Your skin will be brighter, plumper and visibly firmer.

BB Glow

BB Glow Treatment is a safe and intensive skin treatment that can assist in reduction of the appearance of freckles and aids in the lightening of your skin. It also helps with skin discoloration caused by acne, photo-aging or age spots.

Benefits of BB Glow

  •  Reduce Skin discolorations
  •  Restore even skin tone and radiant complexion
  •  Provide instant and gradual lightening effect
  •  Effective skin brightening, skin whitening and wrinkle improvement


Microdermabrasion facial exfoliates and renews your skin to reveal your youthful look! This minimally invasive technique gently exfoliates your skin, removing the uneven outer layer, as the dull outer layer is removed, the skin’s surface is improved and the healing process brings newer skin cells that look and feel smoother. This treatment helps with sun damage, scarring and stretch marks.


Removes vellus hair “peach fuzz” and dead skin cells. Stimulating cell renewal and leaving the skin soft, radiant and smooth.

Back Facial

Deep cleanse, organic jojoba scrub, extractions as needed, followed by a detoxifying mask that will purify your skin leaving it smooth, clean and hydrated.

Lavender Foot Scrub

For centuries, lavender has been used to heal, calm and soothe the senses. This natural herb incorporated into any of your skincare treatment will help you to relax and renew. While your skin is rejuvenating, your feet will be moist with rich lavender, chamomile scrub to heal and soothe rough, dry skin. This treatment includes Parfait Raspberry cream. Your feet will feel polished and hydrated.

Booty  Facial

This Facial helps with breakouts, and smooths the skin. Includes and exfoliation,Microdermabrasion and a mask.

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